What to Wear: Puerto Rico Nightlife

Be sure to to look your best: What to wear when going out in Puerto Rico.

While in Puerto Rico, you won’t get stuck all dressed up with nowhere to go, but you might get stuck deciding what to wear to go out at night. So listen up.

Puerto Rico nightclubs are fun factories, but you can’t show up in a T-shirt and flip flops and expect to partake in the nightlife, not only because you won’t look the part but also because dress codes are not uncommon on the island.

Puerto Ricans are walking contradictions–on the one hand they embrace the casual style of a tropical island, on the other, they like to dress up. And dress up they do, but they are not fans of modesty.

Sexy, chic and trendy—that’s Puerto Rico nightlife style in a nutshell. Always sexy.


Women in Puerto Rico dress to impress—short skirts or pants, midriff tops, platform shoes, big earrings and salon-worthy makeup. And tight, make it tight. Get the picture? While in Puerto Rico, you can let your inner goddess out.

what to wear puerto rico nightlife


Jeans are usually OK as long as they’re dressed up with very high heels, nice tops and lots of accessories. And black is always in. Remember: sexy, chic, trendy.

Bottom line: If you look like you just stepped out of a stateside fashion magazine, a music video or a CW television show, you’re probably on the right track.


Men have it easy. Slacks, a collared shirt and deck shoes, loafers or boots. Rubber sole shoes are not allowed in some establishments, so call ahead or choose another pair.

Dress code

To experience the best Puerto Rico nightlife has to offer, you must go out to eat, followed by a night of dancing or clubbing at any of the many nightclubs in San Juan. But keep in mind that many restaurants and clubs have a dress code.

Always ask about the dress code when planning your evening or making restaurant reservations. Many places do not allow shorts, sleeveless shirts, jeans, T-shirts, flip flops or sneakers.

Don’t be left out of the fun because you packed only cargo shorts and sneakers. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Don’t forget about the weather

Puerto Rico is hot and humid. Very hot and very humid. Pack light-weight clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton or other breathable material. While most places are well equipped with air conditioning, it’s still hot outside. So think “summer” when packing your bags. Von voyage!