Travel Style in the Tropics: Fashion Tips

Travel Style

Fashion Experts weigh in on travel style tips for hanging out in Puerto Rico

Although in Puerto Rico we live on an island surrounded by oceans, and are constantly bathed in intense sunlight, when its time to dress-up, we require more than the usual beachwear and tropical color palette, we love fashion!

When you visit us, you should definitely remember to bring your bathing suit, shorts, breezy tops, sandals, sunglasses and a hat.  In addition, you must also pack your bag with the necessary items to look just right for every occasion.  On top of that, you shouldn’t forget your sunscreen, and a tote or a bag to carry it in along with some water bottles to keep you hydrated while you tour the Island of Enchantment.

Knowing the details of where you will be staying will definitely help you determine exactly what you will need to bring.  You should figure out if you will be staying either in an oceanside location or in the interior of the island.  For the first option, you should bring cool clothing, but for the second option, you might need to bring a jacket, because up in the mountains of our homeland it can get nice and chilly.

To assist you so that in your bag, you as well as your partner have all the necessary items without having to pack your entire closet, we contacted two local expert fashionistas to get their input.  Yajaira Mendez, from the blog Fashion Issue PR (@fashionissuepr), and fashion commentator on Mega TV channel offers her suggestions for the girls.

On the other hand, veteran fashion expert Robert Colberg from Robert Colberg Style, Fashion and Etiquette (@robertcolbergestilomodaetiqueta), fashion host on WapaTV, professor of refinement and social grace, offers some practical tips for gentlemen.

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Yajaira emphasizes the importance of having in mind that the materials of the garments should be versatile, and ideally, easily interchangeable to create more looks with less items.

“We are talking about shorts, comfy tops, sweaters or scarves for the cold if that is the case.  Also, it’s important to include a dress for any nocturnal outings.  It’s preferable for it not to be formal, something that goes well with accessories”. 

For this situation, she recommends the maxi dress.  “This garment is versatile, and comfortable for sunny and sandy days.  It also goes well in either daytime or nighttime”.

  • Shorts cannot be left out, she says.  “They are perfect for wearing with silk blouses.  They look great with sandals, or if you’re the type that prefers sporty shoes, why not?”
  • She also reminds us that accessories must be part of your ensemble.  “They should be minimalist, yet assertive.
  • Metallic tones are easier to interchange and offer a graceful and feminine look.  A pair of stud earrings never fails, as well as a good watch.  Adding a couple of bangles and a necklace is a must.
  • Alternating accessories and footwear radically changes your look and allows for more options when its time to dress.”

Personally, this young fashionista prefers comfortable dresses.  “One should always have a little black dress.  It’s very easy to pack and always makes you feel comfortable and feminine.  I also like to bring a fedora or a floppy hat, it all depends on the mood I’m in.  They look chic and also protect from the weather.”

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Gentlemen cannot fall behind when preparing their bag or luggage for traveling around Puerto Rico.  To ensure this, Robert offered a list of items that guys would need to bring for a five-day trip.  His list includes:

  • 5 T-shirts
  • 3 shorts
  • 1 pair of dress pants
  • 2 dress shirts
  • 1 pair of walking shoes
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • casual socks
  • dress socks
  • casual belt and dress belt
  • around 10 pairs of underwear
  • Personal hygiene and care items

“Guys should carry clothes that are light.  Preferably linen or cotton garments because they are more comfortable and practical.  They should choose light colors to wear during the day so they aren’t drowned-out by the heat.  They should also bring sporty, comfortable shoes so they can enjoy walking around the island,” – Robert Colberg

However for the evenings the fashionista has other recommendations because as he explained, “We Puerto Ricans are elegant and very well-dressed.  We are very conscious of fashion trends.  We are more thorough when it comes to dressing-up than other islands in the Caribbean.  Because of this, for evening outings they should choose looks that look more casual-elegant.  They could wear blue, navy or black pieces.  They should always dress according to the place where they will be going.”


So there you have it! A list of infallible tips so you can enjoy your stay in Puerto Rico.  With these, you’re sure to dazzle at every outing with a suitable and sensible look for each event.  Whether it’s sunbathing, touring or enjoying the numerous nocturnal activities, you’ll be in style without sacrificing comfort or your idea of what vacationing on an island is.  A well put-together couple never goes unnoticed, and having a great look can even lead to meeting new people, and who knows? maybe even making lifelong friendships.