Top Fashion Tips to Go All Out at Night in Puerto Rico

Top fashion tips Puerto Rico style

You’ve arrived in Puerto Rico and are ready for a night on the town – the only question you have left to ask yourself is what should you wear? No travel buff wants to look like a tourist, especially not a fashionista in a place like Puerto Rico.

fashion tips puerto rico

Here are our top tips for a night out on the town, and how to look good in Puerto Rico.

Dress Light

Try to avoid lots of heavy materials or excessive layering – you want to work in light and airy fabrics and skip all the wrapping and draping that you may do elsewhere. Much of the nightlife in Puerto Rico revolves around dancing and having a good time, so you want to be sure you’re in comfortable, breathable clothing.

Fancy is Better

It’s hard to overdo it when you’re aiming for nightlife in Puerto Rico. While you don’t want to go for full-on black tie (unless of course you have an invitation that says black tie), opt for the nicer dress, the extra bling, and the higher heels. Avoid shorts and jeans, pack away your t-shirts, and break out the nicer clothing in general.

Pay Attention to Details

Spend a little extra time on your hair and makeup, and be sure that you’re following some of the more detailed fashion rules try and get your handbag to match your shoes, don’t clash gold and silver jewelry together, etc. Much of the fashion in Puerto Rico has to do with being classy and well put together, not just showing off!