Ten Ways to Get Past the Velvet Rope: How to get into the best clubs

get into the best clubsUse these tips to get into the best clubs anywhere

So you’ve gotten wind of a trending nightspot that’s cranking out the funkiest dance music, mixing the most refreshing cocktails and has that hot and sexy vibe which makes for a great night on the town.

A quality spot usually has established rules that are strictly enforced to keep out minors, trouble-makers and the already intoxicated patrons. But being denied access after that long wait behind the velvet rope can bring party plans to a quick fizzle.

Here are ten ways to increase your chances of getting past the velvet rope and onto the dance floor:

1. Dress to impress: 

Don’t over-do this one, but having a unique style and pulling it off it off with class and pizzazz goes a long way. Always research if the venue has a strict dress code and stick to it.

2. Team up with the girls

Club owners want to sell drinks, and since men buy drinks for pretty girls, the more women the better. Some spots look to have a specific ratio of men vs. women in the club.  If you show up with a few girls, you dramatically improve your chances of gliding in.

3. Don’t upset the doorman

Since he is the one controlling access, giving him an earful about how long you’ve been waiting, or the steep cover charge, won’t help your chances. Be polite and professional.

4. Pair up with a big spender

Doormen can spot a big spender a mile away, and clubs definitely like attracting big time spender – so if at all possible, bring your well-to-do friend along!

5. Tip the doorman

On your way out, just as you would a waitress. Next time he sees you, chances are pretty good you’ll get a wave through.  What goes around, comes around!  Spread the love and most likely, you will receive some!

6. Arrive on time

Getting to the club three hours past opening means a lot of competition and a tired doorman. Try to arrive within an hour of opening.

7. Greet the doorman by name

Be keen to listen for your guy’s name, so when you get to the front, you can strike up a friendly, casual and laid-back conversation. Overly eager is not a good look in this case.

8. Do not show up drunk

The last thing a trending nightspot needs is obnoxious party-goers bringing in negative energy.

9. Buy tickets online or subscribe to a special club membership

If possible, and even though you may still have to wait, it won’t be nearly as long.  Top clubs usually have special memberships with cool perks like discounted cover charge, VIP access and other cool promotions.

10. Stay informed

Knowing who’s the guest DJ and resident DJ’s are can contribute to idle banter with the doorman, helping to soften his steely gaze.  Also keep an eye out for special events or themed parties that have a certain dress code.  Follow your favorite clubs’ social media channels and engage with them!

Using these tips the next time you plan to visit the hottest spot in town will go a long way to your success!