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Get ready to hit the beach in style this summer with these awesome beach outfits and expert tips!

When we think about vacationing, we immediately think about a piece of clothing that generally cannot be left out of our luggage.  That inseparable traveler’s friend is usually the bathing suit.  And, if the selected destination happens to be Puerto Rico, that piece of clothing has 99.9% probability of being the first thing you pack in your suitcase.

We spoke to an experienced local designer of international transcendence, who has set herself apart by her spectacular bathing suits and artistic line of T-shirts.  Tommie Hernandez – who has presented her collections on runways in Puerto Rico, the U.S., Panama, the Dominican Republic and other countries, offers us some advice on how to select the perfect bathing suit and how to look totally fab when you wear it.

“When selecting a bathing suit we must be very wise in order to help maximize our best qualities and minimize the details we appreciate the least.” – Tommie Hernández

Elements to considerbeach outfits

Within the elements you should take into consideration when shopping at the mall, online, or when having a suit tailor-made, the designer mentions, “You have to take into account the body type, where it will be worn (beach or pool), and there has to be a balance between the upper part of the body and the lower part.

In other words, in order to not look too “busty” or too big in the hips, a brighter color can be used with a less intense color, or more or less coverage can be given to certain areas.  You can also choose bathing suits with ruffles or adornments.

Tips for using colors and accessories to accentuate (or balance out) body parts

  • The brighter colors, ruffles or adornments are ideal for balancing out a smaller-chested women.
  • For those with narrow hips, these elements would be best used on the lower part, contrasted by neutral or darker colors on the top.”

The variety of styles, fabrics and prints makes the task of selecting the perfect bathing suit for a vacation a complicated one.  Generally two things occur, you either like all of them, or you don’t like any how any of them fit.  And, while the creativity of the design process is ample, it has its conditions.

“I get inspired by works of art, nature, countries… but I do it while taking my target customer into account.  I always consider who would wear that style.” – Tommie Hernández

Mix it up!

Actually, all the possible combinations are infinite and varied.

  • You can choose different prints, or a combination of prints and solids at the same time.
  • High-waisted bottoms are back in style, which offer more coverage, but with perforations or wide bands on the sides.  As well as styles of tops that cover more, such as sleeves or halter styles with more fabric,” revealed the expert.
  • But the classics never go out of style, this being the preferred basic bottom without any prints, and halter tops because they generally favor all women, even though the secrets lies in the selection of the print of the fabric.

beach outfitsStandout elements

In order to look spectacular and catch the eye of locals and other tourists, every time you go to the beach, to the pool or during a tour, keep in mind that, “the style should be appropriate for your body type, that you should feel confident in whatever you wear, and that the fit should be just right and good quality”. We can’t obsess over the size of the suit, it’s all about choosing the one that really fits.  Don’t choose pieces that are too tight or give you “love handles”, but they also shouldn’t be too loose or baggy.



Total look

When we wear bathing suits we never wear them by themselves, we always add other pieces to create an impacting total look or simply because we can’t arrive in just that.  To help with this difficult task, Hernandez has some recommendations that can really be helpful.

  • Today, anything goes.  We start with the famous ‘cover-up’, a lightweight tunic with either long or short sleeves depending on how exposed to the sun you’ll be, a wrap or shorts that can be easily removed and light shirts.
  • We cannot forget floppy hats that will also help protect from harmful UV rays, nor the sandals and the bag.
  • The idea is that there should be harmony between all the elements but without the need for it all to be matching or coordinated.”

For those girls who want to grab all the attention while bathing in our beaches, the designer, who has dressed celebrities such as ex Miss Universes Denise Quiñones and Zuleyka Rivera, actresses Elizabeth Gutierrez, Karla Monroig and Cynthia Olavarría, TV hosts Rashel Díaz and Vanessa Minillo, and America’s Next Top Model winner, Caridee English, among others; recommends:

“Choose or include styles with bright-toned hardware, combined with metallics or even sequins.  With this advice and a good selection, any girl can stand out.”

What’s next?

If you already have your ticket ready for Puerto Rico, now you just have to go shopping for that perfect bathing suit that will help you cause a great impression and enjoy your time in the sun, at the beach, pool or simply strolling around, in which case, you could decide to use bodysuits “which are really in style right now and can serve both purposes,” affirmed the creator of bathing suits used in local and international beauty pageants.


t: @tommiepr

f: Tommie Hernandez Fashion Designer & Stylist