Sophisticated Flavors: 5 Exquisite Cocktail Bars in San Juan

cocktail bars in san juan

Be sure to check out these outstanding cocktail bars in San Juan

Fine cocktail bars are all the rage nowadays, where people go to enjoy exotic, professionally prepared beverages from around the world.  The sophisticated experience of enjoying a cocktail prepared by a professional mixologist has become extremely popular, and the cocktail scene in Puerto Rico ranks among the very best in the world.

At these distinctive establishments, you will find specialized bartenders, who artistically craft exemplary alcoholic delights.

Here are 5 of the best cocktail bars to experience in Puerto Rico, where you may sample elegant cocktails, special aromas, exotic flavors and vibrant scenes.

cocktail bars in san juan

Image: La Factoría

La Factoría

Located on Old San Juan’s famous Calle San Sebastián, La Factoría was recognized among “The World’s 50 Best Bars”.  You can enjoy great cocktails in a fun and fascinating setting, with music and delicious food to sample.  Perfect for celebrating with friends, while experiencing 4 different bars; each with a different theme and ambiance: Facto, Vino, Shing a Ling and El Final.


cocktail bars in san juan

Image: José Cruz Candelaria, END

Oveja Negra

A new speakeasy bar, which you can only access by providing the special password (hint: it’s the name of their Instagram account, ovejanegra_pr)Oveja Negra is a stylish bar located in the Miramar district of San Juan.  Featuring beautiful 1920’s era decoration, it is a perfect blend of antique and modern chic.  You may find it easy to relax and enjoy a couple of glasses of your favorite beverage, while engaging in interesting conversation.


cocktail bars in san juan

Image: Bar La Unidad

La Unidad

Just a few blocks down from Oveja Negra, La Unidad is a brand new clandestine spot (also a speakeasy style bar located in Miramar), which offers a vibrant setting for cocktails and great times.  The interior resembles an antique hotel lobby, with a huge wooden bar at the center, leather sofas and jazz music filling in the background – a great combination for a memorable and pleasant afternoon or night out with friends.  Highly recommended!


cocktail bars in san juan

Image: Gallo Negro (Facebook)

Gallo Negro

Located on Ponce de León Ave. in Santurce, Gallo Negro cocktail bar features a solid variety of fine scotch whisky, and daily doses of creativity that help to maintain a very pleasant atmosphere for customers.  The place offers a perfect setting for casual dates, or groups of friends, where you may sample the right amount of flavors from delicious food and heavy hitting spirits.

cocktail bars in san juan

Eternal Lobby Lounge

This colorful and stylish lounge bar overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is located at the Condado Plaza Hilton, on Ashford Ave. in Condado.  The Eternal blends New York sophistication with a South Beach vibe, while offering delicious cocktails in a very pleasant and laid back atmosphere, which you can enjoy while gazing out at the ocean.  Experience three different ambiances: Moon Bar, Ice Bar and Fire Bay, for dancing.


Here are just 5 bars that are getting much deserved attention for their unique styles and distinct flavors.  Be sure to visit them and bask in the creativity of their bartenders and mixologists.

Nothing better than to enjoy the flavors of the Caribbean– as well as other regions from around the world. Enjoy your stay and be sure to take advantage of the many exciting nightlife experiences that San Juan, Puerto Rico has to offer!