Ultimate style at Condado Boutiques

Puerto Rico may boast the largest mall in the Caribbean, but it also has numerous luxury shops to satisfy your expensive taste and make shopping in Puerto Rico an exciting part of your trip.

The Condado neighborhood in San Juan offers ocean view hotels, beaches, restaurants and exclusive shops that cater to fashionistas with a fine eye for style and a thick wallet to pay for it.

Ashford Avenue is Puerto Rico’s Rodeo Drive, with elite hotels and designer shops for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Mont Blanc, Cartier and others, along with boutiques for renown Puerto Rican designers.

So take a stroll up Ashford Avenue for that shopping “high” you’ve been looking forward since you bought your plane ticket and packed your bags leaving space to fit the fruits of an unforgettable shopping spree in Puerto Rico.

Here are some Puerto Rico boutiques and places to shop in Condado:

· Nono Maldonado
1112 Ashford Avenue

Elegant wear
Made to measure
Ready to wear
High-end furniture and interiors

· Monsieur
1126 Ashford Avenue

High-end menswear

· Hecho a Mano
1126 Ashford Avenue

Handmade Women’s Clothing and Jewelry

· Marella
1300 Ashford Avenue

Women’s Designer Clothing

· Mademoiselle
1504 Ashford Avenue

French and European fashion for women