The best of: Puerto Rico Night Clubs 18+

Puerto Rico Night Clubs offer an unforgettable experience

Puerto Rico is a world-renowned destination for nightlife and entertainment, especially the night clubs in San Juan which feature a unique blend of local flavor and cosmopolitan flair. While adults and families visit Puerto Rico for its beaches, restaurants, and unique local charm, this island paradise also offers something incredibly unique for those young adults aged 18 to 20: most nightlife in Puerto Rico is for those 18 and up, making it the perfect location to go on a Spring Break before turning 21 or a summer trip before starting college.

Puerto Rico Night Clubs

The Drinking Age

For most young adults the idea of being able to share in the raucous festivities of the older crowd is an absolute treat, and many a vacation has been spent trying to sneak into bars or find venues that are willing to accommodate a younger crowd. Fortunately for those youths vacationing in Puerto Rico, the drinking age is 18, offering all kinds of night club parties for young people to attend.

The Gambling Age

Puerto Rico’s casinos, mostly housed in New San Juan by the beach, all allow persons 18 and up to gamble and drink on their premises. This makes them a great stop on the agenda of any young vacationers. While 18-year-olds tend to be limited in terms of lines of credit and VIP compensation packages, they are still sure to enjoy the atmosphere and activities that these casinos have to offer.

Party Hotels and Party Lobbies

When choosing a hotel in Puerto Rico, be sure to do your homework: for the 18 year old it can be a great boon to choose a hotel which is filled with other party-goers or has what is known as a “party lobby.” It is common for locals to pack into the more upscale hotel bars in the area, and if you are new to the booze-filled party scene it is often nice to be close to a soft bed at the end of the night.

How to ‘Hack’ the 21+ Scene

While the drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18, it is not uncommon for local night clubs and “adult night clubs” to only allow those 18-21 in on particular nights. While this sounds like a tragedy, it is quite easy to ‘hack’ these clubs and find yourself dancing to their DJs in no time at all. Be sure to dress formally and stylishly and come with a mixed-gender group and bring your hotel key, which proves you are in Puerto Rico on vacation. These signs tell the bouncers that you are ready to spend money in their establishment and are not going to cause a scene. With their boss’s pocket-books on their mind they are sure to let you in.