Local shops for a local style in Puerto Rico

style in puerto rico

If you want to check out the local style in Puerto Rico, you can’t miss Loíza St.!

The vibrant Loíza Street, located in between the Condado and Santurce districts in San Juan, is a commercial area with many emerging artists, local businesses, restaurants, and bars. In short, it is a lively sector that has recently become very fashionable. Several boutique style shops, owned by local entrepreneurs along the street, offer different styles for different tastes. Here, you will find  the latest in Caribbean styles in clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Listed below are 5 local shops in the area you must visit, and make the most out of an opportunity to check out the local fashion.

1. Moni and Coli

A boutique for young women, where you’ll find dresses of lightweight fabric, rompers, and combinations of seasonal colors.

  • Hair accessories, earrings, rings, and a variety of very cool sunglasses for the hot sunny days on the island.

2. Playero

For women and men, where you’ll find everything you need for the beach life. Playero is also a well known brand of products for water sports.

  • Swimwear, streetwear, and accessories to enjoy the beach style of the island.

3. Nude

With clear and simple colors, Nude offers clothes for day and night, catering to restless, but sophisticated young women.

  • Beach style dresses, swimwear, underwear, and smarter attires to enjoy the nightlife.
  • Accessories, handbags, among other items appealing to women.

4. Len.T.juela Vintage

If it’s all about vintage clothing and sophistication, Len.T.juela offers the glamour of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, with vintage dresses and clothing, accessories, and eyewear. Have fun putting outfits together with fabrics and colors well suited for the tropics. You’ll love it!

5. Noxiuz

And for men, Noxiuz Lifestyle Clothing, is clothing line of clothing for men featuring bold, contemporary, and artistic styles.

  • Exclusive and unique designs, T-shirts, caps, all perfect to hangout and have fun.

Whatever your fashion taste or style preference, be sure to explore and look for great shopping all around the San juan area.  There is something for everyone.  Puerto Rico has so much to offer!  Make the most of it!