Let’s Get Together: a great Ladies’ Night in Puerto Rico

Ladies night in puerto ricoEat, Drink, Mingle and Laugh at this great Ladies Night in Puerto Rico!

If you are travelling with your girls and you really want to have fun and just do girl’s stuff, Puerto Rico definitely has that to offer!

When us girls get together, we love to talk non-stop.  We share our successes as well as our frustrations.  We give each other advice, protect each other and can definitely have a good time without the need for male companionship.  So here’s to Ladies’ Night in Puerto Rico!

The Place

The Hotel Verdanza in Isla Verde, (one of the most touristy areas on the island) is the perfect spot for this.  At its restaurant, Di Vino Wine & Tapas is where the Let’s Get Together girls-only event goes down.


Entertainment and Guidance

The activity takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, from 7 to 9 pm.  The ladies attending these events may mingle with the other guests  and chat with ladies who are experts in diverse fields such as fashion, beauty, wellness, economy, self-esteem and much more.  This all happens in a fun and casual atmosphere where they become part of your group of friends and you get to ask them whatever you want.

“We simply love to meet and spend time together without having to deal with any guys approaching- and that is why we have created this for our visitors.  It’s a place where we can relax, talk a bit about anything, and have a great glass of white or red, or a delicious sparkling wine.” – Liana Ondina, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hotel Verdanza.

Safety and accessibility

For these girl’s nights out they took many factors into account, including security – so both tourists as well as local girls may feel completely secure. “It’s the perfect place. It’s small, super safe, it has an excellent parking area, and we also have our ample accomodations,” says Ondina.

The events are free of charge and do not require reservations.  However, if you would like to reserve a private table and sing happy birthday to one of your girls, or because it’s another one’s bachelorette party,  it is recommended that you call prior to the event.



The opportunity to share your vacation with your friends on the beautiful beaches and green fields of Puerto Rico, combined with the convenience of having a fun hangout that you can take something away from is the best value for your money. Both you and your friends can learn the latest trends and developments from the talented guests that attend.

And who knows if you even get to take home some goodies, which we love and always come in handy!  Famous stylists from the island, personal shoppers from high-end stores, corporate & wedding planners, chefs… essentially, experts from all fields have many tricks and secrets to share with you and your group of friends. “It’s not a lecture or a seminar, it’s a mingling,” says Ondina.


Special menu

While you enjoy the happenings and experiences there, you can delight your palate with delicious tapas prepared by the executive chef, Elvin Rosado, who is also the manager of the National Culinary Team of Puerto Rico. Basically, your mouth will be in the hands of an expert. To make the night even more unique, during the event, they have a special tapas menu as well as a sparkling wine, a white wine and a red wine as the night’s specials.

Ladies night in puerto rico

Overnight Stay

If you want to enjoy the event and stay at the Hotel before or after the Let ‘s Get Together, you can do so.  The inn has special rates for ladies who take part in the women-only meet up. There are more than 200 charming and comfortable rooms that are waiting to make this the best place for vacationing and hanging out with true friends.

The Verdanza Hotel is part of the portfolio of Preferred™ Hotels & Resorts.  If you stay, you can come back another night to continue enjoying the menu at Di Vino Wine & Tapas, a beautiful restaurant with a large selection of regular and sparkling wines.  Before this, you should make the most of the day sunbathing and swimming in the pool or the beach, getting a relaxing massage, shopping or taking a tour.

Keep an eye on your calendar!

The Let’s Get Together will be happening consecutively until June, when they will pause to give way to the Hotel during the hot summer on our island.  Later, it will restart in the subsequent months. So there you have it, Puerto Rico means sun, beach, music, joy and girls-only territory.

Ladies night in puerto rico