Celebrate an unforgettable Bachelorette Party in Puerto Rico

Bachelorette party in Puerto Rico

The Bachelorette Party is one of the most common celebrations in many countries.

More than a “goodbye” it’s a reunion of friends, a hangout, an opportunity to get each other up-to-date, a space just for friends, between women.  With so many weddings celebrated throughout the year, and this celebration usually taking place just days before the ceremony, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative, break the daily routine and let loose.

Bachelorette party in Puerto Rico

It’s not only just a fun night anymore

Now it’s an entire weekend filled with celebration rituals.  Here are some of the most common practices to celebrate the bride:

A weekend-long celebration

The celebration is no longer just one night. The most current bachelorettes consist of weekends or getaways to a near location – and Puerto Rico has many of these to offer!. Reservations can be made at a hotel, a house or an apartment depending on the type of celebration that will take place, so all the different activities can be carried out.

Spa day for all

Pampering cannot be left out of the bachelorette ritual, so taking some time out for group mani-pedis and facials at a spa is a very fashionable way of giving yourselves a little TLC.

Create the official celebratory cocktail

Creating a signature drink based on the bride’s tastes will be super fun and refreshing, and is sure to be unforgettable.

Color-coordinate outfits

Whether it’s a dress code, a common pattern or a color, coordinating outfits makes the celebration thematic and easy to recognize.

Game night

You can’t forget game night! It’s all about having fun and laughing while playing different games, and trivia about the bride and groom, sensual and erotica themes, and couples.

In Addition

Going dancing, to dinner and hanging out are all essential  parts of that fun friend reunion.  Club Brava is one of the preferred clubs for this type of celebration.  You can reserve your spot, get bottle service and even ask the DJ to play your favorite songs to dance to… and why not?!

It’s a celebration and it’s got to be epic.  Besides, being at the Hotel San Juan is the total package where you get hotel, restaurant, club, pool and beach, all in the same place.

Bachelorette party in Puerto Rico

There are many creative ideas to celebrate the bride.  The idea is to have an unforgettable, safe and enjoyable time.  Let’s have fun!