Boutiques and Cigar Shops: Shopping in Puerto Rico

Check out these hot spots for shopping in Puerto Rico

Known as the “All Star Island” of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico offers countless experiences and adventures for its visitors from across the coastline. With warm weather, an ever vibrant atmosphere, and welcoming residents who receive tourists with open arms, Puerto Rico is the place to go for adventure, relaxation, and retail therapy.

Whether you’re staying for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, Puerto Rico will certainly keep you busy! With numerous shops and boutiques that’ll cater to anyone’s shopping needs, here are some of the more popular places to shop in Puerto Rico.

shopping in Puerto Rico

Plazas Las Americas

Boasting the title of the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean, Plazas Las Americas is also heralded as the second largest in all of Latin America. Plazas Las Americas attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors on a yearly basis – and for good reason. Several expansions and facilities have been opened throughout the decades, making Plazas Las Americas a shopping center that will always be in stock with the latest fashions, movie facilities, and trendy restaurants. Located about 10 minutes from downtown San Juan, Plazas Las Americas is fixed with the largest department stores, trendiest boutique shops and countless retail shops for any interest.

Designer Boutiques

Puerto Rico is home to world famous fashion designers, who own their own boutiques in the San Juan Area. If you have a passion for fashion, separate a day or two on your agenda to visit these acclaimed brands and take home something truly special and unique.

Be sure to wander around the swanky Condado district, where you will find the most respected international designer brands, as well as great restaurants, bars and clubs.

Don Collins Cigars

If you enjoy freshly brewed coffee and a strong smoke of your cigar, then Don Collins Cigars is a place that you need to be in your next Puerto Rican vacation. Don Collins Cigars are made by hand, with each cigar being meticulously crafted.

Visit the Resort Strip at Isla Verde

Beach fronts, casinos, and water activities are all found on Isla Verde, or “Green Island”. Since it’s a resort destination, you will find many foods stemming from different countries. For something a bit more local, try Platos, which serves traditional Puerto Rican food. Don’t forget to stop by Algo d’Aqui to purchase a souvenir for someone back home.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico, with the settlement being anointed in the United States National Register of Historic Places. Bonded by three bridges, Old San Juan is characterized by its unique cobblestone streets, stone buildings, and narrow roads and colonial spanish charm.

Today, Old San Juan is riddled with boutiques, souvenir shops, the dessert places, open air cafés, and museums. Old San Juan should definitely be on your to do list, with its public plazas and historic churches like the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. At the local souvenir shops you can purchase clothing infused with traditional designs, Panama hats, Caribbean foods, and typical candies. Stop by Spicy Caribbee to sample different sauces and jams made by Puerto Rican artisans.

Don’t Forget about Street Vendors

If traveling to Puerto Rico from the mainland United States, one of the benefits that you will reap is the convenience of using a currency that you are familiar with. Since Puerto Rico is an American territory, USD are the official currency. Many local vendors are open and very friendly to visitors, making you feel welcome and safe doing business with them. Make sure to carry a couple of dollars in case you want to purchase Puerto Rican ice cream on the streets or munch on a couple of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Visit the Coqui International to purchase arts, candles, lotions, and soaps made right on the premises.