5 Essential tips to Hacking the San Juan Nightlife

The best of the San Juan nightlife awaits!

A trip to Puerto Rico is full of beach lounging, shopping and great food, but it is never complete without a nighttime excursion through San Juan. The city has some of the best bars, clubs, liveliest music, and wildest dancing you have ever seen.


Here are 5 tips on how to hack the San Juan nightlife when you join the sanjuaneros out for a night in the beautiful city:

1. Get to know the two San Juans

When going out in San Juan you need to first pick the atmosphere you would like to experience. Old San Juan has a much more romantic and historic scene, being less catered towards tourists and, to some extent, the youth night club party scene. It has some of the most beautiful buildings, cobblestone streets and panoramic views, as well as some of Puerto Rico’s best restaurants with great music.  At most establishments, the music will be at a volume such that you can still have a pleasant, relaxing conversation.
New San Juan, on the southern end near the cruise ship ports, and extending all the way to Condado and Isla Verde, encompasses the trendy beach districts, casinos, and best clubs in Puerto Rico. It sometimes seems like everyone here parties every single night. Expect more of a younger crowd at many establishments and packed dance floors with people really shaking a move.

2. Be Fashionable

In San Juan, people take nightlife rather seriously: they dress to impress, men and women alike. While you are on vacation it is fine to wear a swimsuit and sandals during the day, but when going out at night, you should wear something comfortable yet sophisticated and flashy. Take advantage of this excuse to show off!


3. The Less Touristy, the Less Expensive

While Old San Juan has more “authentic” spots, you can find less touristy locations throughout the city. These spots tend to have cheaper drinks, but no less enthusiastic patrons. If you stumble into a locals-only joint do not worry about the stares – be friendly, start up a polite conversation and prove yourself on the dance floor and you will be accepted right away.

4. Hotel Cards Help Skip Lines

If you have dressed up for the night and plan on going to a busier bar or local night club, be sure to bring your hotel card. These venues know that foreigners are looking to party, and most are willing to spend a lot of money, so bouncers tend to let you in if you talk to them. Also, keep in mind that the better your outfit, the better your chance of getting preferred treatment.

5. Watch Your Wallet

While San Juan is a safe city, crowded night club dance floors can be hazardous — especially if you have had a few drinks and are not paying attention to your pockets. Be sure to put your wallet in a buttoned or inside pocket, or to carry a clutch rather than leave a purse on your chair while you dance.
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